7 comments on “A Few More Days

    • Thanks for the comment. The weatherman said yesterday that we had a warmer March than April, so I think we are a little ahead of where we normally are.

  1. Somehow, I have always avoided opening days. However, I have done Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends (camping, family, a little fishing) and found them to be a fine experience!

    • I should skip it, but Tenkara fishing has poured gasoline all over the fire that is my love for fishing.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. I had similar concerns with the opener here, but to my surprise I could not tell the difference from any other day. Glad to hear you got out for a hike. Looks like a beautiful spot.

  3. I guess I’m most surprised at how late in the spring the WI trout seaon opens. What’s the rationale? I used to live in LaCrosse many years ago but I don’t recall such a late start. Hopefully you have some special reg waters nearby that are fishable before and after.

    • There is an early season, but it is all catch and release. Then the inland trout season closes for one week and then reopens for the regular fishing season. The problem is that the week off feels more like a month off.
      Thanks for the comment

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