8 comments on “Double Plaid- a fisherman’s love story

  1. Thom – you’re just too sensitive! Stop setting the bar so high for us insensitive bass-turds 🙂 Check your mail towards the end of the week. I sent you a little something. Hopefully it will bring you some luck with the Brookies.

  2. Hi Thom. Amazing we haven’t ran into each other. My brother and I also fished he Wolf River in the early to mid-90’s and I remember that flyshop very well. It was Bob Talasek’s I believe. And yes – he was a double plaid man. I recall his little aquarium where he had several nymphs including a lare stonefly under observation. He told us stories of Cap Buettner and the Wolf River of long ago (and with a glint of joy in his eye). We never failed to stop by and visit him during those years – buying his flies and following his genuine advice. I need to get back that way in he next couple of years. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yea, it was Bob who turned me on to Cap’s hair wing fly. I always carry one of those with me. Like you, I need to take a trip up there. I haven’t been up that way since before the tornado went through and destroyed the Bear Paw Inn. That was my favorite place near the Wolf River. For a few bucks a night, you could rent a rustic cabin and have a camp fire. Then you could start the day with one of their great morning meals and coffee. I’m not even sure if they rebuild or what.

      Thanks for the comment

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